Lift controller MLC-8000 successfully used in a coffin transport system

3. September 2014

The lift controller MLC-8000 was once again able to show its flexibility when converting a coffin sinking system at Leipzig’s South Cemetery.

Coffins are driven down from the funeral hall to the crematorium by use of the coffin sinking system.

The system is not a conventional lift, but various elements, which are also used in lift construction, are used.

The platform with the coffin is first automatically moved by a call button just below the folding hatch to the funeral hall. From there, it goes via deadman control to the funeral hall. An electrical pawl device prevents any necessary and therefore disturbing re-revelling of the hydraulic system during a funeral service.

The lift controller MLC-8000 could be adapted to this requirements via a corresponding setting of various parameters contained in the controller without any special hardware or software change.