Highlights of the product portfolio

Highlight of the product portfolio is the lift controller MLC-8000 / 2015, a modular control unit with serial CAN bus technology.

Due to its modularity, this lift controller is suitable for both cost-sensitive and “high-end” lifts and can be used for both rope and hydraulic elevators. The lift controller is currently used in Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries, Russia, China, Poland, Czech republic, Mozambique, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Australia and has been adapted to the country-specific features.

The documentation is completely available in several languages ​​and the menu navigation can be switched between German, English, Dutch, Turkish, French, Czech, Polish and Russian. The products of INTEC GmbH are continuously developed and adapted to the new market requirements and standards. Among other things, we are also working on the implementation of the CANopen-Lift – based lift profile CiA-417, which enables simple integration of components from other manufacturers.

Service has a top priority for us

Your advantages:

  • Lift controller exchange and modernization by INTEC with minimal cost and time
  • Easy maintenance by ALL lift companies possible
  • our lift controller communicates easily with other lift components and guarantee smooth integration into the existing system
  • Exchange and modernisation of type-tested systems
  • Exchange according to the actual lift standards EN 81 and the general lift guidelines
  • all existing functions are fully guaranteed
  • Fire control included
  • Remote maintenance if required
  • we also offer perfect solutions for your special requirements
  • all documentations are freely available on the Internet
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • Reliable and low-maintenance lift controller
  • Simple error detection
  • Fast cost-effective spare parts delivery
  • TÜV-certified lift controller
  • 2-year warranty

Our lift controller is suitable for residential and commercial buildings, but also for sensitive areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, police stations, buildings with special security requirements, etc. Our professionally experienced employees carry out the lift controller exchange within 1 to a maximum of 2 weeks. In most cases, we can start installing for you at short notice. After completing this work, you will receive all documentations and the exact schematics of the lift.