First lift controller modernisation in Cairo

22. May 2015

Since 2013, the German Government and the Foreign Office have been funding project in Egypt, focusing on training young workers for working life and to train skilled workers in 4 core areas of Egyptian economic life.

As part of this project, Henry Knop from INTEC GmbH was in Cairo to train the teachers in the field of lift controllers at the Cairo lift institute.

The lift market in Egypt is mainly dominated by the 4 major “global players”; local products in the area of lift controllers are almost not available.

At the same time, it is expected, that mainly the construction industry and with that also the lift business will grow rapidely in Egypt.

Henry Knop taught the Egyptian engineers basic knowledge of the requirements and working methods of lift controllers, both in general form and specifically when handling the INTEC lift controller MLC 8000.

Following the training, the INTEC lift controller MLC 8000 was installed and successfully put into operation in one of the 6 training lifts at the Cairo lift institute.

INTEC GmbH hopes that, based on this training project, business relations with Egypt can be established in the future.