Cruise liner AIDAcara controlled by MLC-8000

27. June 2016

For a while now, the 9 lifts on the cruise liner AIDAcara, which is designed for approx. 1350 passengers, have been running with the INTEC lift controller MLC-8000.

The shipping company is impressed by the reliability of the lift controllers and plans to modernise further AIDA cruise ships with the INTEC control system in the future.

One highlight is the complete monitoring capability of all lifts via the monitoring and diagnostic software Liftcontrol. The lifts can be monitored at any time by the technical center on the ship and the current operating status is displayed graphically on a PC.

At the same time, complete diagnostic and maintenance access “from land” is possible at any time via the Liftcontrol software. Incoming faults or alarm messages or diagnostic messages for the early detection of problems occur on a central computer. From here, the error stack of the controller can be read out and, in some cases, it is possible to directly maintenance the lift controller from remote. If necessary, even a remote software update would be possible.