CANopen-Lift interoperability retested

6. September 2016

The first beginnings of developing a common CANopen lift standard (CiA-417) date back to 2003. INTEC GmbH has been actively involved in this development from the very beginning.

It took many years for CANopen-Lift to establish itself on the market. But in the meantime, the standardised protocol has established itself on the market and there are more and more manufacturers of both lift controllers and components (inverters, door drives, load measurements, tableaus, positioning encoders, etc.) that have implemented CANopen-Lift according to CiA-417.

This is shown again by the regular meetings of manufacturers of CANopen lift products (approximately twice a year). At the last so-called plug-fest on 06.09.2016 there was again a record participation.

The lift control MLC-8000 from INTEC GmbH was able to demonstrate its high performance. Successful tests were carried out with several inverter manufacturers (Ziehl-Abegg, Fuji, Danfoss, KEB), but interoperability with manufacturers of load measuring devices (Henning, X-Sensors), positioning systems (ELGO, Cedes) and others were successfully tested.

The advantages for the users of the MLC-8000 lift controller are clearly recognizable: Components from various manufacturers can now be easily connected to the lift controller via a bus system.