MLC-8000 / 2015

1. November 2015

At the end of 2015, INTEC GmbH launched the new MLC-8000/2015 lift controller generation on the market.

Above all, the main board HSE was completely revised and several new features were added.

Beside to a significantly improved immunity to electromagnetic interference (the new board works reliably even in a highly disturbed environment), the new HSE 1.5 has also been expanded to include a number of interfaces. The lift controller can be accessed now directly via the USB interface using the Liftcontrol monitoring software.

By using a plug-on module, Liftcontrol can be used for remote access via Ethernet, Internet, Modem and via GSM or UMTS. This may lead to a significantly increased availability of the lift as well as enormous cost savings, because errors can be detected early and minor modifications can be carried out remotely.

Using a special software module within the control system, it is possible to identify existing problems early on through self-diagnosis. In this case, it is possible for the lift controller to inform the maintenance staff before the lift system fails – by SMS to the mobile phone, by fax or by an alarm message to a PC on which the Liftcontrol software is running.

The integrated temperature sensor recognizes strong temperature fluctuations and records them. If the set temperature limits are not reached or exceeded, the elevator system is automatically shut down – without any additional hardware or wiring.

Furthermore, the new MLC-8000/2015 has been equipped with some energy-saving functions. If the lift is not in use, frequency inverters, door controllers and level displays can now be switched off completely or switched to an energy-saving mode.

This new development was funded by: