CANopen connection of VVVF with increased driving comfort

16. January 2014

During the modernisation of the two glass lifts in the Congress Center of Messe Frankfurt, the lifts were, among other things, retrofitted with modern Zetadyn inverters. This frequency inverters (VVVF) are completely controlled via CANopen.

By using the so called “Position mode”, the driving characteristics of the two lifts could be significantly improved. In “Position mode”, the VVVF controls the driving speed directly based on the cabin position, which is also available on the CAN bus via the LIMAX absolute encoder. This enables optimized levelling, i.e. the lift drives directly into the floor without separate levelling speed. In this way, the travel time of the lift is always optimized and a very smooth and jerk-free deceleration takes place.

Die CANopen-Schnittstelle wird gleichzeitig auch zur Parametrierung des Umrichters verwendet. Dadurch ist es möglich, die optimale Einstellung mittels Handterminal direkt von der Kabine aus vorzunehmen und dann immer sofort zu testen.

The CANopen interface is also used to parameterize the inverter. This makes it possible to optimize the inverter settings using the handheld terminal directly from the cabin and then always test it immediately.

With CANopen, it is also possible to mirror the VVVF menu from the Zetadyn inverter directly onto the display of the lift controller or the handheld terminal. This enables unlimited access to the frequency inverter, including all display menus, from anywhere on the lift controller system.