LCD graphical display LCD-050 Version 1.2

Technical specifications

Temperature range
0°C to +60°C
Max. Power consumption by 24V
120mA @ 25°C (all inputs and outputs deactivated)
Power consumption in idle mode (Display off)
approx. 65mA @ 25°C
Max. input current D1-D8
10mA @ 25°C / Input
Max. output current D1-D8
500mA @ 25°C / Output
Mechanical dimensions
Width: 160mm
Height: 80mm
Depth: approx. 35mm (without connector)
Viewing area LCD
Size: 5,0 Zoll
Width: 114mm
Height: 72mm
Resolution LCD
480*272 Pixel, 24Bit Color depth RGB, Pixel size 0,216*0,216mm
10 * LED
LCD-Anzeige LCD-050
LCD-Anzeige LCD-050

Order information

LCD-050 Version 1.2


  • Car level indicator- LCD graphic display with 480*272 Pixel, 24 Bit color depth
  • 4 different configurations (designs) free selectable (saved inside LCD-050)
  • horizontal and vertical orientation possible
  • Creation of configurations (designs) possible with PC-Software “LCD Style Designer”
  • Display for:
    • Car level signs (two digits)
    • Floor pictures (free configurable size)
    • Direction arrows
    • Special functions
    • Overload
    • Date and time
  • Downloading of new designs to LCD-050 by SD memory card
  • Integrated overload buzzer
  • powerful ARM7 32 bit microcontroller
  • 128 MByte NAND-Flash memory for designs
  • integrated CAN controller
  • CAN interface with high-speed driver according to ISO11898 with galvanic isolation
  • JTAG interface for In-Circuit-Programming (Software download)
  • Energy saving mode (Standby – Backlite off) possible (selectable by lift controller parameter “Energy savings”)
  • 8 inputs and 8 outputs, always 1 input and 1 output onboard connected (lowside switching)
  • Even if always 1 input and 1 output are connected together the may be used for different functions at the same time, because every active output is switched off every 9ms for 3ms (pulsed output) to enable reading of the input in this time.