MLC 8000/2015 – the new generation

Energy efficient lift controller

The lift controller MLC-8000 /2015 is a state-of-the-art, completely newly developed lift controller that can be used in both cost-sensitive and high-tech lifts. By using modern bus technology, the controller can be used cost-effectively for small systems as well as for high-end systems (up to 64 floors, up to 8 elevators per group). Due to its high flexibility, the lift controller MLC-8000 /2015 is well suitable for controller modifications and modernisations.

Compared to the old controller, the MLC-8000 /2015 has a better energy efficiency. When the lift comes to standstill, the lift controller can switch off all not needed components and go into standby mode, so that up to 50% of energy costs can be saved when the elevator is not running.

Software for data transfer between lift controller and PC or smartphone

One of the additional components is the INTEC Monitoring System IMS.

IMS is a remote data transmission system that enables lift operators to monitor their lift from the office or directly on site. In addition to the quick reaction to certain errors in the lift, it is possible to save the costs of personal error detection on site in many areas, as you can interact with the lift controller via IMS and in some cases also correct some errors.

The lift controller can transmit status informations to a control center or to a smartphone. This informations are visualized in the control center / smartphone and the operator can request all the necessary information about the lift at any time. In this way, necessary service work can be controlled in a targeted manner. The control center can act on the lift in the opposite direction, e.g. test programs are started which allow a precise analysis of the lift controller status

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