Lift controller exchange and Modernisation

Due to the high flexibility when adapting to external components, the lift controller MLC-8000 is particularly suitable for renovations and modernizations.

INTEC GmbH offers the exchange and modernisation of lift controllers as a service, and this at a price for which you do not even get a replacement PCB for most existing lift controllers (if these are freely available and accessible at all).

This service includes the removing of the existing lift controller, the installation of the MLC-8000 controller, commissioning and the creation of the necessary documentation.

The modernisation can usually take place at very short notice (within 1 to a maximum of 2 weeks) and is usually done inside a few days (depending on the type of old control and the scope of order).

The exchange and modenisation is carried out while retaining most of the peripheral components. In general, all lift controllers available on the market are interchangeable with the MLC-8000.

In addition, improvements in driving comfort, e.g. by adding a frequency converter, are possible.

By adapting the MLC-8000 to a wide range of monitoring and protective systems, it is also possible to replace the old lift controller in type-tested and certificated systems.

Based on a resolution of the ZÜS of December 9th, 2009, TRBS 1121 No. 8.2 must be used for the lift controller modification, as carried out by INTEC GmbH. This means that updating in accordance with EN81-A3 (UCM) or EN81-20 is not required when converting the lift controller.