Lift controller MLC-8000

The lift controller MLC-8000 is a state-of-the-art, completely new developed control system that can be used in both cost-sensitive and high-tech lifts. Thanks to the use of modern CAN bus technology, the lift controller can be used cost-effectively for small lifts as well as in the high-end range (up to 64 floors, up to 8 lifts per group).

The lift controller was developed based on the CANopen standard for lifts (CiA 417).

As the CANopen standard is more and more used in the lift industry, it is easy to connect new CANopen-based components (frequency inverters, door controllers, load measuring systems, positioning systems, LCD displays, etc.) directly to the lift controller MLC-8000.

Due to its high flexibility, the lift controller MLC-8000 is suitable for lift controller conversions and modernisations.

The lift controller MLC-8000 is used by planning and architectural offices, lift manufacturers, suppliers of the lift industry and other special companies.