Car control unit FVE Version 1.1

Technical specifications

Temperature range
0°C to +60°C
Max. current consumption by 24V
<250mA @ 25°C (all relays and inputs activated)
Max. input current 24V inputs
10mA @ 25°C / Input
Max. current KF1-KF6
8A/250V AC / Relay
Max. input current 230V input (Car light monitoring)
10mA @ 25°C, 230VAC, 50Hz
Mechanical dimensions
Length: 225mm
Wide: 130mm
Height: approx. 40mm
FVE Version 1.1

Order information

FVE Version 1.1


The module FVE is designed as an intelligent distribution board for use on the car roof or in the car operation panel COP. Therefore several distribution terminals are located on the FVE, which means no additional terminals are required normaly on top of car car or in the car operation panel COP.

  • PIC18-Microcontroller with integrated Flash memory (32kByte), RAM (1536 Byte) and EEPROM (256 Byte)
  • integrated CAN bus controller
  • CAN interface with high speed driver according to ISO11898 with galvanic isolation
  • Supervision input for car light power (110V / 230V AC, 50 / 60 Hz), galvanic isolated
  • Relay for switching off car light
  • Relay for car ventilator
  • ICSP interface for In-Circuit programming (Software download)
  • 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs, always 1 input and 1 output connected together onboard (lowside active)
  • 18 free programmable digital inputs (lowside active)
  • 4 free programmable relays
  • 4-layer PCB with internal power layers
  • integated emergency light output (max. 800 mA)
  • Mini-DIN connector for handheld terminal (Adapter cable necessary for new handheld terminal)

Note: Not recommended for new installations