CAN bus couple unit CBK Version 1.0

Technical specifications

Temperature range
0°C to +60°C
Max. Current consumption by 24V
approx. 110mA @ 25°C
Mechanical dimensions
Length: 80mm
Wide: 70mm
Height: approx. 35mm (without connector)
CAN bus coupler CBK Version 1.0

Order information

CBK Version 1.0


  • Physical segmentation and amplification of CAN bus signal
  • Extension of possible number of bus nodes on shaft bus up to 512
  • PCB in DIN rail housing
  • dsPIC33 microcontroller with internal Flash (64kByte) and RAM (16 kByte)
  • 2 integrated CAN-Controller
  • 2 CAN bus interfaces with high speed driver according to ISO11898 with galvanic isolation
  • ICSP interface for In-Circuit-Programming (Software download)