INTEC Lift controller MLC-8000 certificated according to CiA-417 (CANopen Lift)

3. July 2013

The CANopen lift standard CiA-417 is becoming more and more popular in the lift sector.

After initial problems, there are now more and more CANopen-compliant lift components on the market. More and more often, CANopen components according to CiA147 are required from specialist planners.

INTEC GmbH has been actively involved in the development of the CANopen standard since the beginning. A wide range of components such as frequency inverters, LCD displays, positioning systems, door controls, load measurement systems, etc. can now be connected to the INTEC MLC-8000 lift controller via CAN bus.

Now the MLC-8000 lift controller is officially certified by the CiA (CAN in Automation) standardization committee.