MLC-8000 controls lift in test tower Roßwein

29. August 2017

After installing the INTEC lift control system in the service lift in April 2017 in the Roßwein test tower, the MLC-8000 now also controls the test lift in the same tower.

In cooperation with KLST GmbH, a control cabinet was built, to which several frequency inverters, each with CANopen interface, are connected. Any of the inverters can be activated via a switch in the control cabinet. Currently, a Zetadyn 4C is in use; in the next few days the Yaskawa L1000A and an inverter of the company Brunner and Fecher will be added.

Since the lifts will be used primarily for training purposes in the future, CANopen interoperability can be impressively demonstrated here.

Some days after commissioning, new buffers were successfully tested by an external company on the test lift. During the test procedure, it was a big advantage that the lift controller can be fully operated by the handheld terminal from any location where the CAN bus is available. So, for example, it was possible, to change parameters of the frequency inverter via the “Virtual Terminal” function.